Anatomic structures including the maxillary sinus and mental foramen often dictates that treatment planning may require grafting procedures, compromised position of implants and the use of angle correction abutments.

These complexities can add to the cost and duration of treatment.



The anatomic structures e.g. maxillary sinus and mental foramen, often dictates that treatment planning will need to include complex grafting procedures, or inclined placement of implants. The compromised position of implants usually requires the use of complicated, expensive and space consuming angle correction abutments. This adds risk and cost to the overall treatment plan.



Immediate Full Arch Benefits – Range of products supporting Innovative Treatment Solutions in full arch rehabilitation.


  • Co-Axis® Implant optimize use of remaining bone.
  • MAX Implant
  • Zygomatic Implants are used with highly resorbed maxillae, making use of the Zygoma.
  • Nazalus Implants used in highly resorbed maxillae making use of nasal bone.


For More Information; Southern Implants

Not all products available in all markets.


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