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Following 13 years of very successful AMCSA congresses and 1 World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in 2013, we are still excited about the next events. The 14th Aesthetic Medicine Congress of South Africa will be hosted again at the CSIR ICC in Pretoria from 27 – 29 June 2019, a venue that has become synonymous with our congress and offering the perfect facilities for our specific needs of practical, lectures and exhibition. The AMCSA congress remains one of the most important meetings on the aesthetic medical calendar.

The main purpose and focus has remained the same since the start of the 1st congress and that is to bring high quality & international standard education to Southern Africa for the medical profession. The congress organising committee collaborates with international meetings to ensure that the standard of scientific and practical education in the field of aesthetic medicine remains up to date and relevant to the fast-growing pace world-wide.

Our collaboration with the AAMSSA (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine Society of South Africa) has been strengthened this year with a more potent working relationship, especially with regards to the program contents.

Our scientific committee is now also reinforced by members of the AAMSSA to ensure that the program remains relevant, high quality and scientific.

More news is that for AMCSA 2019 we also welcome the FACDC (Facial Aesthetics & Cosmetic Dentistry Conference) that have decided to join AMCSA and will host a full day conference for Aesthetic Dentistry.

This will be the 1st year where we have this beautiful merging of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic dentistry. We believe this will be very beneficial for all parties and also give the opportunity for these two industries to network and for colleagues to meet each other.

What is new in the aesthetic medical part is that we will host the first ever INJECTION MARATHON. This is a remarkable practical learning opportunity chaired by Prof Alessio Redaelli and Dr Yves Saban, whom both have hosted this event in other countries successfully. Now we will have it in our country at AMCSA 2019.

The AMCSA 2019 congress will ensure to address the needs of doctors in this industry to enhance their scientific as well as practical skills.

AMCSA remains a pivotal, and exciting, event attended by doctors involved in:

  • aesthetic medicine,
  • anti-aging, preventative or integrative medicine,
  • general practices,
  • dermatologists,
  • plastic surgeons,
  • dentists, (aesthetic and general dentistry)
  • weight related fields of medicine,
  • other medical specialties such as gynaecology, endocrinology, maxillofacial surgeons and others.

The focus of the congress for 2019 will include the latest aesthetic & anti-aging medical topics, research, launches, skills and also new fields of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine that complements the industry.

AMCSA 2019 will educate doctors in a high-quality scientific program complimented by practical workshops and a spectacular, like usual, trade exhibition where the leading companies showcase their products and devices.

The trade exhibition features all the leading companies, distributors and products in the industry. AMCSA 2019 offers a complete platform for education, skills enhancement, business networking and inspiration. Certainly the most stimulating and time-efficient business event for both doctors and trade.

We hope to welcome all again at AMCSA 2019!

Dr Susan Vermeulen (FACDC Chairperson)
Dr. Susan Vermeulen is a dentist with special interest in aesthetic medicine. She qualified at the University of Pretoria and obtained a BchD in 1999. She was a session dentist at the University of Pretoria, guiding students to master their dental skills from 2010 -2017

Dr. Vermeulen
Dr. Vermeulen has a a post-graduate diploma in Paediatric Dentistry.She owns dental practice in Pretoria. She is the president of CDAFA(Cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic society of South Africa. She attended numerous anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine courses on advanced treatment with Botulinium toxin type A and hyaluronic fillers.She also attended numerous workshops and aesthetic courses. She presented a talk at the Medical Aesthetic Congress on combination treatments for facial rejuvenation, combining different modalities and treatments for skin, volumising the face and neurotoxins.

She presented talks at the Facial aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry congress in 2016 and 2017. She believes that continual education is of the utmost importance.She trained medical and dental practitioners with neuromodulators and fillers for different pharmaceutical companies in 2015- 2018. She organized the Facial aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry Congress 2016,2017. She organized the International dentistry medical and aesthetic show of Africa 2018.

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