TRI-NEX® Co-Axis® Implants

Strong and predictable internal Tri-Lobe Connection with built-in Subcrestal Angle Correction®

Provides confidence in simplified placement and aesthetic outcomes

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TRI-NEX® Connection - Co-Axis® Implants

Strong and predictable internal Tri-Lobe Connection with built-in Subcrestal Angle Correction®

Provides confidence in simplified placement and aesthetic outcomes


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TRI-NEX Co-Axis Dental Implants

TRI-NEX Co-Axis Implants offer clinicians a unique blend of implant and connection design features for simplified treatment with aesthetic outcomes. The innovative, first of its kind, Co-Axis Implant features 12° Subcrestal Angle Correction allowing clinicians to use the patients’ existing bone while maintaining the restorative platform at an angle that ensures optimal aesthetics.


The anatomic limitations of the anterior maxilla often require either tilting of the implant or a grafting procedure. This is also true when vital structures such as the maxillary sinus or the mental foramen limit accessibility. The resulting implant angulation often necessitates a severe angle correction at the prosthetic level with either a cement-retained restoration or using angled abutments. This can lead to potential esthetic and/or soft tissue complications.

The Southern Innovation

The TRI-NEX Co-Axis Implant interface features a tri-lobe hex drive connection with an additional internal hexagon. These features place the primary driving forces for implant insertion onto the hex, protecting the integrity of the lobes for prosthetic fit during restorative procedures. The coronal walls are also reinforced and beveled which further strengthens the walls of the implant and provides forced “platform switching” for prosthetic components. With the TRI-NEX Co-Axis Implant interface you can be sure of: Tactile sensibility/rigidity, up to 100Ncm torque values, and primary implant stability with an implant thread design suitable for high insertion torque while potentially limiting bone necrosis.

The TRI-NEX Co-Axis Implant Design also exhibits a 12° Subcrestal Angle Correction feature where optimal use of the patients’ available bone is achieved, while simultaneously allowing the restorative platform to emerge at the correct aesthetic angle without the use of an angled abutment, freeing up valuable restorative space. The implant body is tapered for better primary stability with immediate placement in extraction sockets and the implant surface is roughened along the entire length of the implant.

With TRI-NEX Co-Axis Implants clinicians can be confident in their implant choice by successfully negotiating problematic anatomical constraints, without sacrificing the ease, quality and appearance of prosthetic restorations.


Surgical Benefits

  • Ideal for immediate placement after extraction
  • Immediate implant placement may reduce the need for bone grafting
  • Increased patient acceptance
  • Increased parallelism in multi-implant cases
  • Ability to use standard surgical protocol and instrumentation
  • Satisfied referral base

Prosthetic Benefits

  • Optimized orientation allows for simplified restoration
  • Predictable esthetics, especially in the anterior
  • Allows for screw-retained restorations
  • Reduces laboratory and component costs
  • Allows for the use of standard prosthetic components

Technical Facts

  • High Strength Commercially Pure Grade 4 Titanium
  • 12° platform correction angle
  • Tapered body
  • 4.3mm, 5.0mm restorative platforms
  • 10.5mm, 12mm, 13.5mm, and 16.5mm lengths
  • SInergy™ Surface. The implant surface is roughened by aluminum oxide clean blasting, giving a moderately rough surface with 20 years of well documented clinical success
  • 0.8mm machined collar
  • Used mountless with an insertion tool
  • Screws placed with Unigrip Drivers

Downloadable Documents

For further detailed information about the TRI-NEX Implants, please see the documents made available for your reference.

TRI-NEX Catalog
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